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Fire Sale is back this week with our monthly sale at our store here in Osaka, Japan. Join us on this Wednesday at 6PM CST 🥳
Giga Sale was a blast last month! What kind of items do you want to see this time? 🎃

🕷️ Halloween Giga Sale 🕸️
October 24th, 8PM CST @ J-Ports Page @ J-Ports
Hi, i'm Martin and I'm new to J-Ports!

Favorite brand: Fendi 🇮🇹
Favorite bag/item: Burberry Scarf 🧣
Favorite place in the world: The bath 🛁
Favorite food: Fried Chicken 🍗

*no sale's quotes yet* @ J-Ports
It's that GIGA time again!

Crazy discounts on your favorite brands! 15% off live sale items, and an amazing 30% off premium items!

100% authentic, 100% free shipping worldwide, 100% FUN!
Join us live on Thursday September 29th at 8PM CST
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Join Sam's live sale every Monday at 7pm CST on and get a chance to purchase premium designer items including this Louis Vuitton Pallas Wallet Rose Ballerine at amazing prices.

Shipping is 100% free on all items.
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