How To Take Photos For Authentication

General Requirements

For all brands, we need 2-3 photos of each of the following parts. Make sure you send us at least 8-10 photos in total per item.

  • Interior logo of the brand (or where the brand name is most prominently marked)
  • Metal parts (such as zippers, zipper handles, D-rings, buttons, snaps, rivets, screws etc)
  • Stitching (around edges, handles themselves, where handles are attached to items, tabs etc)

For certain brands, we need additional photos of a tag (paper, fabric, leather) and/or an identification number (serial number or date code). You can see additional requirements by brands below.

Photos must also not be blurry, shot as close as possible, and well-lit (but without too much glares or reflections that can obscure details).

Brand-Specific Requirements

In addition to the above photos, the following brand require additional photos of the respective parts.

Louis Vuitton

  • Date Code

Bottega Veneta

  • Interior Tag (Fabric/Metal)


  • Authenticity sticker inside


  • Serial number on the back of the interior tag


  • Interior tag