Luxury pieces come with hefty prices that even pre-loved ones are still worth the investment. Since the market is filled with counterfeits, different platforms offer ways to ensure that your purchase is 100% authentic. Authentic Experts is a website that provides professional authentication services like no other.

True to its name, Authentic Experts, puts their best foot forward by making sure that you are getting your hard-earned money’s worth. Here are the main reasons why you should check out Authentic Experts the moment you get your hands on that designer handbag.

We Cater to Major Fashion Brands

Whether you have a Louis Vuitton Speedy, Hermès Birkin, or a Cartier Tank, Authentic Experts can give you authentication certificates of their items. Aside from the mentioned brands, we also cater to Chanel, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Coach, MCM, Prada, Burberry and more brands to come.

We Authenticate Different Luxury Items

Handbags are considered bestsellers in fashion but in reality, more people invest in other items fashion houses have to offer. This is exactly the reason why Authentic Experts have decided to extend their services on different types of bags, wallets and card cases. It’s a one-stop shop for all luxury authentication needs perfect for both men and women.

Quick Turnaround Time

Getting your items authenticated as soon as possible saves yourself from too much thinking whether you got an original or a fake item. Authentic Experts provides you with authentication results in a matter of 24-48 hours. This process is especially helpful for people who have invested in pre-loved items.

If the item is proven to be genuine, Authentic Experts will also send a Certificate of Authenticity via email within 24-48 hours as well. In rare cases wherein the authenticity of the item cannot be determined, Authentic Experts will process a 100% refund of your money.

Easy Process to Follow

Authentic Experts give general requirements – what photos to take on the item. These include taking photos of the following parts: interior logo, stitching and metal parts. A minimum of 8-10 photos is needed to fully authenticate the item and these photos should not be blurry and taken as close as possible without any glares or reflections.

Some will require brand-specific requirements for easier authentication. An example of this is the date code for Louis Vuitton, serial number located at the back of interior tag for Gucci, and authenticity sticker for Chanel.

Professionally-trained Authenticators

The people working behind Authentic Experts underwent professional training and are certified authenticators. The last you want are people pretending to be experts on the internet to tell you that the counterfeit bag is genuine. At Authentic Experts, authenticators are especially trained to give excellent and certified service so that in just 24-48 hours you will know that your items are legit or not.

Affordable Option

Probably the best thing about using Authentic Experts is having affordable payment options. Online authentication services are never cheap but you are never assured of the quality of their service. Authentic Experts work with trained professionals and the basic authentication service starts at $10.