Owning your very own luxury handbag is a proud moment every bag collector wishes to have. Authentic pieces are not always easy to find, that’s why when someone spots a handbag with a great price, one might think it’s a great deal. The thing is, the counterfeit market is getting more creative to make their items look original.

 Gucci is one of the leading luxury brands that’s been having eye soring counterfeits. It takes a trained eye to spot a real Gucci piece from a fake one. Here are some of the ways that you can use before you splurge your money on that Gucci handbag.

·   The “Controllato” Card

Gucci has its own control system that allows customers to check if their purchase is authentic. When you purchase a Gucci item, you will be given a controllato card that means checked in Italian. The controllato card gives assurance that the item has been verified with the best manufacturing quality.

Keep in mind that the controllato card can also be counterfeited. The best way to check the card is to ensure it has the Gucci logo on the top part of the card, the word controllato comes after and a set of numbers in a centered position is placed at the bottom part.

There might be instances wherein a Gucci item doesn’t have a controllato card, this doesn’t automatically mean that it’s fake. The card is separate from the item and if you are buying a pre-loved item, it’s possible for the previous owner to lose the card.

·   Hardware Quality

Just like any luxury brand, the hardware is one of the first things that giveaway the item’s authenticity. Gucci has been known to use durable hardware that lasts through a lifetime. If you feel that the hardware is fragile and very light, it’s a sure sign that it’s fake.

The zippers are usually the hardware that’s easiest to check for item genuineness. The word Gucci is engraved on the zipper with the letters in all caps and has equal spaces from each other.

·   Attention to Details

Every designer item comes with great manufacturing details that no counterfeit has ever managed to perfect. One example is the detail every craftsman gives focus to is the stitching. Fake Gucci items will often have irregular seams and dangling threads in some areas.

A real Gucci object will come with perfect seams all throughout the bag. Regardless of where you look, you will see that every stitch comes in uniform length. A luxury item takes precision into a whole new level making sure that every item is perfect before it goes out of the manufacturing area.

·   Quick Response Code

The QR Code is a recent security feature that started around 2016-2017. This is Gucci’s brand-new way to fight imitation pieces. The code is printed on a small fabric located inside the bag. The QR code is printed clearly, not stitched, and you can easily scan it using your smartphone.

Once the code is scanned, it will give you pertinent information about the item. This security feature is a great way for consumers to be assured that the item is genuine. If you bought an item from a recent collection, make sure you check the QR code.

Knowing how to spot a real Gucci item from a fake one might need expertise but with these tips, you can surely spot the counterfeits. You can easily apply these ways and you’re sure to buy a luxury item to be added to your collection.