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Jonno here to give you INSANE Prices tonight on our very first Video sale. ALL items are available for Payment Plan, and we ship after you pay the first deposit. Just check out via Quadpay - (available for US and Canadian customers only). Paypay also available too of course! 20% Special discount on all items - only available through this special sale! **Edit** following have sold out: Ellipse PM, Monogram, Canvas SOLD OUT Rainbow soft 2007 zippy wallet, GG supreme, SLOD OUT Mini trapuntata, Textured leather --available-- Pochette accessories, Monogram, Canvas --available Necklace, Heart, Silver 925 --available-- Mini speedy, Monogram, Canvas SOLD OUT Portefeuille sarah, Damier azur, Canvas --available-- Agenda PM, Damier Ebene, canvas SOLD OUT Backpack, Monogram, Canvas SOLD OUT Alma, Monogram, Canvas SOLD OUT

Products Listed:

Product Name Link to Product
Handbag, Monogram, CanvasClick Here!
2 Way tote bag, Caviar, Textured leatherClick Here!
Twilly scarf, SilkClick Here!
Bijoux sac insolence, Gold plated metalClick Here!
Montsouris GM, Monogram, CanvasClick Here!
Porte 2 cartes vertical, Damier, Ebene, CanvasClick Here!
Portefeuille International, Damier Ebene, CanvasClick Here!
Neverfull MM, Monogram, CanvasClick Here!
Keepall 50, Epi, Textured leatherClick Here!
Portefeuille International, Damier Ebene, CanvasClick Here!