Mini speedy, Multicolor, Coated canvas


This super cute, super rare and discontinued Mini Speedy from Louis Vuitton Features the stunning petite frame of the mini speedy reimagined by Esteemed Japanese Artists Takashi Murakami. This speedy features a Multi-color Monogram canvas, gorgeous vachetta handles, zipper tab, and zipper pull, zipper closure, and an alcantra interior.
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  • Height: 4.25″
  • Width: 6.50″
  • Depth: 2.75″
  • Model Name: Mini speedy, Multicolor, Coated canvas
  • Item # C76686


  • Interior AB/ Exterior B+ condition. Excellent, very slight usage upon close inspection
    Dust cover and LV Bag included
    Date code: TH0095
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Authentic Experts Grading Guide

Grading Descriptions
N New With Tags New item. Never Used. Original tags never cut.
S Never Used. New Condition without Tags Never Used. Only original tags have been removed.
SA(A+) Unpackaged. Almost Brand-New Condition Beautiful item. Only used once or twice.
A Excellent Condition. Hardly Used. Excellent looking item. Only the faintest use can be detected upon closer inspection.
AB(A-) Very Nice Condition. Gently Used Great looking item. Upon closer inspection there can be some slight watermarks on leather. Tiny leather rubs.
B+ Nice Condition. Used with Care. Slight evidence of use. Nothing Broken. Pre-Used item, Looks Nice, Ready to Use, No Major Flaws
B Pre-loved, Good Condition Nothing Broken. Pre-loved item, signs of wear and age with light marks or scuffs. Minor touch-ups may/may not be necessary.
B- Pre-loved, Used Condition Appearance of Darkening and Dryness, scuffs and marks, some small cracks. some Dirtiness in places. Could need some touch ups or cleaning. May need some minor repairs, but very minor.
BC(C+) Okay Condition. Looks Used Major Darkening and Dryness, Scuffs and Marks, Some Small Cracks. Needs cleaning and/or repairs done.
C Obvious flaws. Quite Used Noticeable flaws. Scuffs, Small cracks, Marks and overall some Dirtiness.
D(C-) Broken item Impossible to use as is, needs to be repaired before use.
Junk(D) Completely Broken Only valuable for use as parts. Repair not possible
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